Wage and Hour Lawyer Oxnard

Call the law offices of Van Etten Suzumoto & Sipprelle LLP, to dicuss directly with an Oxnard wage and hour claims attorney. Your initial consultation is free and in most cases we’ll handle your case on a contingency fee basis. That means you pay no attorney fees until we achieve a successful verdict or settlement for you.

Our Oxnard wage & hour claim lawyers are skilled and aggressive advocates for workers’ rights in wage and overtime in Oxnard disputes.

  • Are you a sales rep who was refused your full commission or terminated to avoid paying your commission?
  • Are you an employee who travels between project sites who has not been paid for travel expenses during your employment?
  • Are you an employee who’s regularly denied an uninterrupted lunch break or asked to work past your shift?

We can help. Our Oxnard wage & hour claim attorneys are knowledgeable and tenacious advocates for workers’ rights in wage and overtime in Oxnard disputes.

  • Has your employer wrongly withheld commissions that should have been yours, per your employment agreement?
  • Were you forced to work through your meal or rest breaks?
  • Were you unlawfully terminated in order for your employer to avoid paying you a commission?
  • Were you told you had to work overtime but not compensated for it?
  • Were you told to report for work at a certain time but then not compensated for time you had to wait to begin work?

There are a number of ways that companies can deceive employees out of their hourly wages, often without the employee even realizing they are being deceived. Be it the occasional request to stay an extra hour that eventually becomes a regular pattern – always without compensation – or the “press of business” that means you can’t have your lunch break, neglecting to pay employees for time worked is illegal.

Oxnard wage and hour offenses usually affect a whole class of employees, not just one worker. Immigrant workers are most vulnerable but most hourly workers are not kept informed about how California and federal employment laws cover them.

If you’re an hourly employee, you ARE protected from illegal and unreasonable employer requirements that you work overtime or work through your breaks. However, you might need legal help to ensure your rights are defended and to assist you in getting the wages you deserve.


One of the biggest concerns in the area of wage and hour lawsuits is misclassification of lower-level workers as “managers,” and misclassification of employees as “contractors” in order to evade wage and hour laws. Salaried workers whose job duties are generally routine may have been misclassified. Find out more about misclassification to see if this has happened to you.

You have a right to fair pay for the work you performed in good faith. Contact our California wage and hour lawyers at the law firm of Van Etten Suzumoto & Sipprelle LLP to request a consultation.