Wrongful Termination Lawyer Glendale

At Van Etten Suzumoto & Sipprelle LLP, our Glendale wrongful termination lawyers can help you obtain justice in the event that you are unlawfully fired from a job. In California, wrongful termination claims are notoriously challenging to prove given that many workers have no employment contracts and there is frequently no direct evidence proving unlawful termination. Lack of proof of a contrary agreement or other limitation on the employer’s right to fire, a company may release an “at will” worker at any time and for any reason. When a firing turns out to be unlawful, a highly skilled Glendale wrongful termination attorney from our law firm can help you get the settlement you deserve.

Glendale Wrongful Termination and Violation of Public Policy

Many workers are hired without any legally binding employment contracts, and they’re consequently considered “at will” employees under California labor laws. An “at will” worker can be legally terminated without cause provided the cause of termination doesn’t breach public policy. This kind of a violation can be said to occur if an employee’s wrongful termination came from a refusal to break the law on behalf of the employer, was due to discrimination violating federal and state laws, was a result of reporting sexual harassment, or was an act of retaliation for the worker’s whistleblower measures.

Representing Wrongful Termination Glendale

A Glendale wrongful termination lawyer from Van Etten Suzumoto & Sipprelle LLP will analyze various records to find support for your case. Employment contracts supply the most direct proof of wrongful termination since they are intended to record conditions of employment and identify the grounds for a worker’s termination. Aside from a contract, our wrongful termination attorney may analyze the following:

  • Payroll and attendance documents
  • Performance evaluations
  • Employee manual
  • Company manual
  • Employment application
  • Job description
  • Statements from other employees

By reviewing records and statements, a Glendale wrongful termination lawyer will collect proof for arguing that your employer violated specific exceptions to rules regarding “employment at will.” In addition to retaliation and violation of public policy, these conditions can include the documentation of implied contracts or an employer’s commission of fraud or misrepresentation.